Project Partners


Business activities, type and size of organization: Founded in 1967, Baugh & Weedon Ltd (Hereford, UK) is one of the UKs leading NDE equipment developers and manufacturers. Uniquely, Baugh & Weedon are designing and manufacturing Systems and Instruments for Magnetic Particle (MPI), Liquid Penetrant (LPI), Ultrasonic (UT) and Eddy Current (ECT) Inspection. Baugh & Weedon Equipment is utilized by many Industries including Aerospace Components Manufacture and Service, Railways, Oil and Gas, Automotive Components, Castings and Forgings, Power Generation and Research and Training Organisations. The company employs approximately 15 people in its Hardware, Software, Probe Manufacturing, Electronics, Sales and Marketing teams.

Project and Contractual role: B&W will be in charge of the development of the transducers working closely with PI in this topic. Their knowledge in sensors will be benefited by producing and commercialising the transducers to be developed in the project, after the completion of SprinkTest. B&W will also lead all the innovation related activities and it will also participate in the WPs related to the project specifications, the validation of the prototype system as well as and the dissemination and exploitation of the results. B&W will also chair the Project Steering Committee.

Future Products: Flexible transducer array design.

Expected derived benefits from project: To provide advanced piezo composites for commercial applications in high quality and low cost and engineering services for designing and developing systems based on these materials. This new use of composite materials will strengthen the positions of B&W in the sector of advanced materials and NDT services.

Representatives: Mr. Peter Burrows (Sales Manager) has over 25 years of NDT experience, across all industry sectors. Mr Burrows has held various professional qualifications (Level 2 & 3) in the field of NDT and has been active in NDT business development and sales for 17 years.