Project Partners

DVC, Belgium (SME)

Business activities, type and size of organization: DVC, Ltd. is a Belgian SME whose main activity is based on manufacturing electronic systems. DVC answers to specific needs through feasibility studies, concepts development, components selection, product design (circuit, front end, keyboard, casing, cables, custom lcd, etc.), programming (microcontroller, programmable logic), certification, industrialization and production. DVC’s competence goes above and beyond the sphere of electronics, which enables it to address requirements from diverse sectors (industrial, medical, mass consumption, etc.).

Project and Contractual role: DVC will assist PI in the design and production of a multi-channel modular pulser-receiver unit with embedded controls. This unit will meet several objectives concerning power requirements, overall weight and size. Its participation is essential for the consortium, because their extended experience in the fields of electronic system is determinative for the complete accomplishment of the tasks attributed to them by the project. In addition to this, DVC will also be involved in the WPs related to the project specifications, the validation of the prototype system and the dissemination of the results.

Future Products: Modular ultrasonic pulser-receiver unit. This technology complements the existing range of products and allows them to extend their business to the NDT inspection sector.

Expected derived benefits from project: DVC will gain new scientific knowledge on NDT units design and developing technologies. They will have a unique position in the future SprinkTest supply chain with a royalty free license of the patentable pulser-receiver unit. Furthermore, along with the company recognition they will have the ability to offer clients the additional experience gained by the participation in SprinkTest project.

Representatives: Mr. Marc Vertongen (General Manager) has 20 years of experience in electronic and product design and design management, holding a degree in Engineer, Physics/Optics/Electronics. He has worked for DVC for 17 years and has experience in development and provision of solutions for businesses.