Project Partners

EFSN, UK (Other)

Business activities, type and size of organization: The European Fire Sprinkler Network (EFSN), a not-for-profit organisation for the public good, is a coalition across the fire safety, political and other relevant communities which encourages the greater use of fire sprinklers to save lives and protect property and the environment. They collect and distribute accurate information about fire losses and fire sprinklers, and connect and support those who believe that fitting fire sprinklers is essential to help Europe save itself from fire.

Project and Contractual role: EFSN will be an end user for this project. They will act as a consultant on the project and advise on the development of the new technology, ensuring the results meet the demands of their members. They will provide specifications for the project and various case studies be investigated. Due to End User’s expertise and network, they will be participating in dissemination of technology, exploitation of system and support the development of all work packages. End User has a strong pool of man power that provide consultancies for all aspects of their members' projects, conducting feasibility studies and impact analysis covering technical, logistical, legal, environmental and financial considerations.

Expected derived benefits from project: At the end of the project, EFSN will have evaluated the impact of this new technology within their industry and they will be in a position to implement this technology into their members, along with the prestige of being involved in a European project.

Representatives: Project Committee Member: Mr Alan Brinson (Excutive Director) has 10 years in the fire protection industry, including involvement in research and development. Nine more years representing the sprinkler industry to government. Member of CEN fire protection committees including those which write sprinkler standards. Sprinkler industry contacts across Europe. In-depth knowledge of potential market for technology.